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Portable Extractors

A portable extractor is a carpet cleaning machine that allows the convenience of mobility. Portable extactors consist of different size solution (fresh water) tanks, recovery (waste water) tanks, pumps, vacuum motors, heaters, and can even include auto options to fully automate the fill and empty of the machine all convienently packaged onto a single machine with wheels.

One thing to remember is that a portable is not the same as another portable. There are many basic portable extractors out there that may contain two vacuum motors and a water pump. However, manufacturers today have advanced the portable into a true carpet cleaning wonder. (See "The Truth About Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines").

When choose a portable extractor, the # 1 concern should be suction power. (See "Suction Power: CFM vs. Lift). By doing a little research, you will be able to find the portable extractor that gives you the power you want and the features you deserve!

Website Portable Recommendation: Eclipse High Powered Portable Extractor by CleanCraft Products, Inc.


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