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Suction Power: CFM vs. Lift full story...

The Truth About Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines full story...

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Carpet Cleaning Machines

Choosing the right carpet cleaning machine is an important decision for a professional carpet cleaner. Hopefully, will help you choose the best carpet cleaning machine for your business. There are many carpet cleaning machines in the marketplace today. This website will show you what features and specifications you need to focus on to make the right choice.

Suction Power: CFM vs. Lift

Lets breakdown a carpet cleaning machine. Basically, it is a machine that sprays water onto the carpet and sucks the water & dirt back up. There are other features that make carpet cleaning machines more dynamic, such as: heaters, pressure regulators, and auto features. However, when it comes down to it.... the more suction power you have, the more dirty water you will remove from the carpet. This sounds pretty basic, however, many carpet cleaners forget the basics when searching for a new carpet cleaning machine. It is easy to get caught up in unnecessary "features" that lead you astray from the main thing: Suction Power. Remember, you can put all the water, chemical, heat, and agitation you want down onto a carpet, but if you can't suck it out... you are left with hot, wet, dirty carpet !!

Now that we have focused our attention to suction power, lets define terminology: CFM vs. Lift. Many professional carpet cleaners do not know the difference between the two factors. However, a little knowledge in this area can help you choose the right carpet cleaning machine for your business.


The Truth About Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines (portable extractors) are becoming more and more popular in today's carpet cleaning industry. Back in the day, if you had a portable carpet cleaning machine, you would not have been able to come close to the power of a truckmount. Boy, have times changed !!

Most portable carpet cleaning machines still fall far short of truck mount power. However, the 1% of portables out there that have truck mount power allow the professional carpet cleaner to have the necessary power to clean while giving the operator many advantages portables provide.

Here are just a few advantages a "High Powered Portable Extractor" may provide:


Portable Extractor Reviews

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